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Step Two - Tell Someone

Once you have been saved it's important to share your news with someone. Tell them that Jesus has become real to you, that He has come into your life.

It means you become a witness for Jesus and Jesus wants us all to be witnesses to His love.

You don't have to be able to provide all the right answers, you may not fully understand what has happened yourself but it helps you clarify your thinking and will bring your friends face to face with God's love.

Talking about what has happened to you helps you separate the questions you have from the facts you know. It will help you solidify in your own mind what has happened to you.

When you tell people you will probably be very excited about what has happened to you. It is important that--however much you feel that they must believe--you are patient and kind with them. Don't start an argument. That is unlikely to bring them to Jesus. A testimony that reflects the great love that brought you to Him is far more likely to help them open their hearts as you have done.



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