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A Church For The Un-Churched

Our motto at New Life is "Come As You Are - Encounter Christ As He Is".  New Life Community Church provides "seeker-sensitive" worship services. Among other things, that means we have purposely removed esoteric rituals and practices that could confuse or even embarrass first time attendees. We try to look at church services from the eyes of people who don't go to church or who seldom attend. We carefully develop Sunday morning services that communicate truth in terms and forms that are relevant and understandable to people who only occasionally or perhaps never attend church services. Of course, people who are well into the journey toward Christian maturity enjoy the Biblically conservative foundation of the seeker services and the spiritual richness of our mid-week New Life Community services.

What Will You See At New Life?

You will hear high quality, contemporary music when you come to New Life Community services. Sometimes you will experience powerful drama sketches that both illustrate the Biblical truths presented and leave a lasting impression on your life. You will have the opportunity to learn life changing principles from the Bible through relevant, multi-media presentations by Pastor Mowery. You will find a community of caring people who are ready to come along side you and walk with you as we all seek to understand what it is to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. You can enter into meaningful relationships with others in small groups that meet bi-weekly.

Excellent Children's Ministry

Your children will love the fast paced learning environment created by the loving teachers and child care volunteers at New Life Community Church. They will interact with teachers and other children as they experience Bible stories, music, and various age appropriate learning activities.

Why A New Church ?

During a time of prayer at an abandoned church building in western Greeley, there was a strong sense that God was ready to do a new thing. The ancient words of the Prophet Isaiah which are recorded in the Old Testament in Isaiah 43:19 came to mind, "Behold I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it?"

The vision for New Life Community Church developed out of that word from the Bible.

What is the Vision of New Life Community Church?

New Life Community is:

  • A safe place where seekers can investigate the relevance and validity of the Christian faith.

  • A center of Christian discovery and growth where people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

  • A group of believers who show the love of Christ in practical ways to each other and to the community in which they live.

  • A church that starts new church planting churches.

What is the Mission of New Life Community Church?

Create a ministry climate of acceptance and relevance which promotes and encourages genuine exploration and consideration of a Christian World View among unchurch people living in Greeley.